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Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don't.

There is money available it is just a matter of having a good finance partner who has good relationships with different lenders.

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Official Cash Rate

Predictability the Reserve Bank decreased the OCR from 2.00% to 1.75%. This was widely expected by the market. Perversely, it will have no affect on mortgage rates. They have in fact been increasing in the past fortnight. They will likely increase again over the next two months. Deposit rates too will actually rise. This is because banks are wishing to increase their local retail deposits. The main way to do this, is to increase their interest rates. The Reserve Bank also signaled the end of the easing cycle. This has pushed the New Zealand dollar up, further hurting our exporting sector.

Tenants in Your Own Home

Across the country new councils have been elected. One major issue that looms for virtually all of them, is how to fund their infrastructure spending. This includes sewerage, water, footpaths, buses, rail and the like. Currently, councils use the most unimaginative method of just increasing rates. We believe that this is no longer possible. For many elderly or those on lower incomes, rates are often their single largest cost. If rates continue to increase, many people will literally become tenants in their own homes. They will be paying rates to the council on a fortnightly or monthly basis, just like a tenant does to a landlord. All councils must look at more innovative and equitable ways to pay for their increasing costs.


There is no denying that KiwiSaver has been a success, with around three quarters of working Kiwis enrolled in the scheme. It has now been operating for nearly ten years and some people have built up reasonable balances. A positive feature is that potential first home buyers can operate it a bit like a home ownership account. These were popular in the 1970s and early 1980s with the Trustee Savings Banks and Building Societies, where if you built up a reasonable savings history, you were given priority to relatively scarce mortgage finance. The beauty with KiwiSaver is that you can use it as a savings vehicle to assist with the deposit on your first house.





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Let us show you how we can assist you as you will be amazed at what can be successfully funded.

ComFin's finance methodology enhance what you know and explore what you don’t know.

ComFin's expertise especially gives you access to what you don’t even know that you don’t know and this is KEY to successful, well priced funding.

ComFin is a proud 100% NZ owned and operated business.

We service all of New Zealand.

How we can help you
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This is the most important element as you might not even be aware that funding can be approached in a certain way.  THIS is HOW we can really help you achieve your funding goals ! You KNOW, that you do not know. E.g. - funding for specialised commercial property For example, funding for your own home